Initially established in 1974 as a small family business, Dekerco sarl has developed and prospered since, becoming a major importer and distributor of foods stuff in Lebanon and the region.

In 2007 Dekerco foods and processing SAL company was established a sister company of Dekerco sarl.

A new modern premises was built in close proximity of Dekerco sarl location, three times bigger than the initial company, with large cold rooms, dry storage places and a meat processing factory.

The objectives of the company are:
• To supply the best quality foodstuff.
• To meet the demands of our customers by importing and producing a large variety of foodstuff.
• To serve our customers high quality products with reasonable prices.

Quality is the Motto of the Dekerco company, insured through our own integrated warehouses with continuous cold chains that can handle up to 4,000 MT of refrigerated and dry food.

  • Address:
    Fanar Industrial Zone, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Telephone:
    +961 1 890 137
    +961 1 896 796
  • Fax:
    + 961 1 876 022
  • e-mail: