High quality of Hamburgers, special sausages like Makanek and Soujouk along with an exceptional Basterma, is produced in the factory under very high standards and Hygienic settings, delivered to local Restaurants, Catering companies and Supermarkets. Special products like hamburgers and sausages are produced for several local and international restaurant chains which deliver their individual and secret recipes or mixes under very confidential agreements.


Dekerco has established and implemented a food safety policy that is appropriate to the organization and meets requirements set forth in ISO 22000. The food safety policy is communicated by Dekerco Top management throughout the company. The quality controller and supervisors are responsible for ensuring all employees understand the policy.

   It is the policy of our company to develop and provide products that are safe for consumption, as well as meet or exceed customer expectations and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements. The company is committed to maintain customer confidence in its product through the development and Implementation of food safety systems, standards and practices. To ensure best practice we will adhere to our Food Safety Management System and operational methods that recognize food safety and customer satisfaction as our primary goals.

                Our Policy is communicated and reviewed through an annual meeting between the shareholders, general manager and the quality manager and through trainings done annually. This is done to effectively manage food safety risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies; to keep up to dates with legislative requirements.
                 We validate the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management systems through internal and external audit processes and through leadership that promotes employee involvement. This concept helps improve our manufacturing skills and capabilities in order to better serve our growing customer base and guarantee safe food.


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